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20 Studien über Orchesterstellen für Fagott 

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Inhalt / Content
1. Studie über "Le nozze di Figaro" (Mozart)
2. Studie über die Sinfonie Nr. 88 (Haydn)
3. Studie über "Bolero" (Ravel)
4. Studie über "Così fan tutte" (Mozart)
5. Studie über "Pulcinella" (Strawinsky)
6. Studie über die Sinfonie Nr. 35 "Haffner" (Mozart)
7. Studie über "La Gazza Ladra" (Rossini)
8. Studie über die Sinfonie Nr. 4 (Beethoven)
9. Studie über die Symphonie fantastique (Berlioz)
10. Studie über "Rapsodie espagnole" (Ravel)
11. Studie über die Symphonie Nr. 5 (Tschaikowsky)
12. Studie über die Symphonie Nr. 6 (Tschaikowsky)
13. Studie über "Der Nussknacker" (Tschaikowsky)
14. Studie über "Pagliacci" (Leoncavallo)
15. Studie über "Die verkaufte Braut" ("The Bartered Bride") (Smetana)
16. Studie über "Scheherazade (Rimski-Korsakow)
17. Studie über "Le Sacre du Printemps" (Strawinsky)
18. Studie über das Klavierkonzert G-Dur (Ravel)
19. Studie über "Carmina burana" (Orff)
20. Studie über "Till Eulenspiegels lustige Streiche" (Strauss)

Empfehlungen / Recommendations:

These studies will be very interesting for every student wanting
to deepen and vary his work on the orchestral excerpts.
I recommend them to every bassoon player.
Victor Dutot, president of French Association basson

If you are looking for a fresh and entertaining method that
effectively deals with difficult audition pieces, this is it.
Pascal Gallois, bassoon soloist, member of the Ensemble Intercontemporain

This wonderful set of 20 Orchestral Studies features a very
clever and creative approach to learning these famous excerpts.
They can be studied in a innovative and enjoyable way rather
than simple and traditional repetition.
Daniel Matsukawa, principal bassoon, The Philadelphia Orchestra

I find these studies very practical and innovative. They instantly
found its place as a major element in my coaching of orchestral
Daniel Mazaki, principal bassoon, Israel Philarmonic Orchestra

These studies offer an enjoyable way to work on several of the
most important orchestral bassoon parts and excerpts found on
virtually every orchestral audition.
Frank Morelli, member of the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra and the Windscape

The studies are very good and look like an interesting
alternative to whatever is already written .
Gustavo Nuñez, principal bassoon, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

Mastering the most often-found excerpts is essential, and these
etudes are a valuable entry into the most challenging points of
each excerpt, giving a natural and very practical means to solve
the complexities of each.
Jesse Read, bassoon soloist and conductor

"20 Studies on Essential Orchestra excerpts" for bassoonists are
very fine and skilled compositions indeed. I predict they will hold
the attention of players because of their musicality and, happily,
they are just the right length.
Christopher Weait, bassoonist, composer, conductor and publisher

The 20 Studies cover many of the excerpts demanded at auditions
(Probespiele) and to my knowledge author's approach to these famous
bassoon solos is quite unique. Anyone working for a place in an
orchestra should welcome these as they will provide an excellent way
to improve the necessary techniques for each solo without endlessly
playing it as written by the composer. This would mean that on
returning to the original, the problems will have disappeared. What is
more, each study is a good solo piece and would be perfect as an
encore after a recital.
Roger Birnstingl


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